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Growing Concerns See what we did there? It’s a farming pun… In all seriousness, there are several growing concerns over the way in which we are living, the outstandingly ever-increasing global population count and the damage we’re potentially doing to the environment.
Luckily FutureFarming has the answer. The FutureFarming tower is fully automated and relies on aeroponics over conventional farming methods in order to ecologically produce fresh produce, at a faster rate than we
are currently able to achieve by traditional means. Efficiency The Vertical tower was designed around efficiency, utilising a fully-automated system that can be accessed from remote locations, creating and fully utilising the benefits that farming of the future has to offer.
The solution we propose is revolutionary in its simplicity in a closed system, electric pumps pump water to the washers that spray it onto the vegetable roots along with water are added nutrients adapted to the current needs of vegetables under the full control of artificial intelligence, the components adjusted to the current needs of vegetables. Sensors placed in our product control many aspects of farming, starting from humidity to colour and size of vegetables. All data is collected and then processed by artificial intelligence to optimize breeding.

Environmental Concerns:
The damage we’re doing to the planet as a population is already disastrous, now imagine what it will be like when the projected 3 billion extra mouths to feed are here. The population is growing year on year and with every extra person comes more damage to our incredible home. Conventional farming methods are not typically helping towards these environmental concerns, particularly when using traditional farming machinery.
Our towers, drastically reduce your carbon footprint – meaning your impact on the planet’s wellbeing will be far better than many of your competitors. Aeroponics- The method of growing fresh produce without the need for soil is exactly how the FutureFarm towers work.